This crazy adventure began strangely in the spring of 2013 with a training in wine tasting. The bite was deep and irreversible. The fundamental and vital question appeared to me in a short moment of lucidity. How can I be sure that I never have to relive a bad taste experience again? I got a notebook, cut out pictures of interesting products and scrapbook it. After buying the bottles and consuming her priceless nectar, I wrote my comments in the precious book. After two and a half years, it became extremely difficult to find what I had appreciated to buy some more. In January 2016, was born. My first blog! I offered, without pretension, my playful impressions of the drinks tasted. Whiskys, wines and beers were on hand. And today, 36 months later, the evolution continues. So I would like to introduce you to my diary where I will share with you all my life, nothing less. 

Good navigation through the meanders of my disturbed mind

A DRINKER DIARY | Quebec city, Quebec, Canada | and all around the world

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